Millville, MN 

A Tubing Experience on the Zumbro River 

We are open  
June, July, and August 

We offer appointments from
10am - 2pm

Reservations are required.
When I say reservations are required, I just mean let me know when you want to come. I can only haul 14 people up river at a time, so I like a heads up. If I need to run my second truck, I like to know in advance that I’ll need a second driver. Please call and leave a message, send me an email or message me on facebook messenger. If your time doesn’t work for me, I will give you other options. All messages will be returned within 24 hours.

If you rent from us, we offer you a ride up the river to begin your adventure.

We accept CASH ONLY


We do not offer garbage service. 
Please plan to bring all your trash home with you.
We do not refund your money if the tube you rent gets a hole in it after you walk away with it.

If you own your own stuff, you do not need our services. We do not haul your inflatables. 

We do not offer shuttle services.

Please read our waiver form. Click here. 


Rental Rates

Rates are for one trip on the Zumbro River from Hammond, Mn to Millville, Mn.

6 miles

2-4 hours float time, depending on recent weather patterns.

Click on photos to get product dimensions.

Things to bring

*Dry Clothes
*First Aid Kit
It is always a good idea to call on the morning that you are planning to hit the river to be sure that river conditions are favorable for river riding.

To make an Appointment

Please provide this information:

1. Your first name.

2. A phone number where you could be reached.

3. How many people are in your party.

4. What time you will be here AND be ready to go.

5. What you would like to rent. 

Call us at:       507-798-2450

Send Lisa a message on facebook messenger.

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