Millville, MN 

A Tubing Experience on the Zumbro River 

We are
 open by appointment  
June, July, and August.



We accept CASH ONLY

Rental Rates

Rates are for one trip from 
Hammond, MN to Millville, MN 
(aprox 6 miles, 2-4 hours)

Tubes ........... $20 per person
Cooler Tubes ..........$20 each

We accept CASH ONLY

If you rent from us, we shuttle you upriver to begin your ride. 

If you own you’re own stuff, you do not need our serves. There is no public river access in Millville. You will need to take another route.

We do not haul your inflatables or floating devices. Please leave them at home. 

Things to bring

*Dry Clothes
*First Aid Kit
It is always a good idea to call on the morning that you are planning to hit the river to be sure that river conditions are favorable for river riding.

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