About Us

Zumbro River Ratz is a river rider's outfitter, located in Millville, Minnesota.

You can rent a kayak, tube or canoe and catch a ride up the Zumbro River to Hammond for a 2-4 hour float.

This is how it works...

You come here and choose the float that you'd like to ride, sign a waiver
and pay for your floating device.
We will load your boats, kayaks, and/or tubes, before we pick you up (Step 2)

You then drive your car to another parking lot, where you park your car.
It is just down the street from us, at Reads Park . You leave your vehicle there.

You will be responsible for your own car keys, so be sure you have a secure container to keep them in that you can not lose on the river. Perhaps on some kind of clip that you can secure to yourself or the kayak.

We pick you up and shuttle you up river to Hammond, where you start your ride down the river.

You will exit the river at Reads Park, across the street from that parking lot, where you left you car. 
You will see a white and blue Zumbro River Ratz sign on the bank of the river at your exit point. 

When you get back to Millville, we ask that you carry, NOT DRAG, your floating device up to the top. If you are unwilling, or unable, to carry the boats, please let us know in advance so we can plan to assist you.

PLEASE do not drag your floating device. It can cause damage to our property.

There, you can just pick up your stuff and go. There is no waiting for us to come pick you up and give you a ride back to your own transportation. You just float right to it, and walk across the street!

We do appreciate it if you stop in at the shop or call to let us know you are off the river, so that we can go pick up the boats.     

River Ratz

Established in 2011


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